Sunday, June 1, 2014

Where did The month of May go?

Wow! I cannot believe its June 1st. Where the heck did The month of May go? My normal routine got so off track I didn't know what day it was. Last month was one of the hardest months that I have had in a very long time due to two major problems that cropped up.

1). My Gammill quilting machine went on the fritz and required two separate repairs visits from the Gammill guy. The switches went and everything seemed wonky. It turned out it wasn't the motherboard, which was good, but after 6 hours on the first try we determined it needed to have some major components replaced that had been improperly installed in last fall. The new dealer and repair team were awesome! They realized that the breeze track was bent and damaged and the tracks were crooked and bent. Because these parts were less than a year old, they should have been under warranty. They checked and after some serious backtracking with Gammill, determined that they could offer a complete replacement of the new parts for me. The parts were shipped directly to my house and Jerry the repair guy came within 3 days to reinstall them. We added a few other new parts including a new rotary hook to the mix and 3 hours later I was quilting again on a "cheater cloth" quilt to ensure the stitching was perfect. Jerry mad sure everything was working like new befor he left. I highly recommend Thread Runs Thru It quilt shop owned by Lori and Steve and their Gammill Tech, Jerry.

2). The love of my life, Mike, was diagnosed with chronic heart failure and required open heart surgery. Two lengthy stays in the hospital and a big surgery overtook our lives and we are very fortunate to have a wonderful team of doctors, nurses and medical staff to repair his Aoertic valve. He did very well and came home for the hospital just 6 days after the surgery. He's been home 10 days now and is healing nicely and feeling so much better. He still cannot drive, lift anything heavy, push or pull anything, or walk the dogs, but despite getting tired easily and having undergone a major surgery just over 2 weeks ago, things are looking up and we can soon get on with our lives.

So, most importantly, Mike is on the mend and his heart is working better than ever. His chronic cough and breathing and lung issues have all but disappeared. It is amazing how closely the entire cardio vascular and air supply systems in our bodies are interconnected. I want to thanks all of the staff at Englewood hospital and our friends and neighbors that have helped us while we went through this. I couldn't have dealt with all of this without your support last month.

I also want to thank all my wonderful customers that have been so patient while I wasn't able to work on their quilts. Everyone was really nice when I explained what was going on with the machine and I can't thank you enough for allowing me the pleasure of quilting for you.

I feel very blessed and loved by those that matter to me and I am grateful that Mike is feeling so much better and I can quilt again and work through my backlog of customer quilts and projects. Looking forward to the month of June, things are really looking up these last few days.