Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day

As I sit here on Sunday evening I thought it might be nice to pay tribute to our armed forces on this Memorial Day weekend. Although my family was not a military one growing up, we lived in the Washington DC area and many of my friends growing up had parents that were in the military. Those families would come and go as the dad got stationed in our area and then again somewhere else 3 or 4 years later. One of my closest friends growing up had a dad that was in the Air Force and he was MIA during the Vietnam war. Her mom raised her and her little brother as a single parent and I really didn't understand why she didn't have a dad until I got to high school. He made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be safe and secure at home. I remember years later running into someone that had a metal MIA bracelet with his name on it. Small world. I know what they all wished for when they prayed at night was that their Dad would come home again. I also know a family here in Nj that lost their oldest son in Afghanistan in July 2012. It was very difficult for them and still is to think he was killed doing his job. I know they are proud of him, but I can only bet that they would give anything to have just one more day with him and to tell him they love him and how proud they are of the man he proved to be as a soldier. I know there are many veterans that came home from their overseas positions and found it difficult to get into the civilian life after serving in the military. I am disappointed in how little we do for them when they get out. We should do more. I personally make sure that my company does at least 1 charitable event every year for our active military? We want them to know that we know they are there, we are glad and grateful they are serving overseas for us and that we appreciate the hardships they face every day so that we can live in the Land of the Free. I always thank active duty personnel when I encounter them at the airport, shake their hand and tell them how much seeing them in uniform makes me proud to be an American. Memorial Day isn't about picnics, shopping for bargain sales or having the day off. Our military never take the day off. Fly your flag, pray for their safe return and be thankful to those that wear uniforms, face combat, train regularly and leave the comforts of their homes and the loving sums of their families so that we can LIVE FREE and enjoy the USA. Hire a vet if you can. Go visit them or the place where they came to rest if they are no longer with us.

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