Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tea for Two

I have been using some of my time to make small quilts that I can potentially sell. These two are my latest. I call them my "Tea for Two" quilts.

They are paper pieced teacups stacked atop each other. I enjoyed making them and plan to make more small quilts like this to sell until the long arm quilting business builds to a sustainable level. They go pretty fast and its great opportunity share my love for quilting with others.

It is interesting how a little self marketing has brought me potential customers to make quilts for in a short period of time. I went to a local guild show last Friday and handed out business cards. I receive a number of inquiries already based on those cards. In addition, I used Facebook to tell my FB friends that I was now available to quilt for others and the inquiries starting flowing in from around the country. This is very exciting for me.

I have been reluctant to take on making T-shirt quilts in the past. However, I now have a potential deal to make three of them for a dear friend from high-school. One for each of her children. I know these quilts are very popular with non-quilters and there is some money to be made at creating these memory quilts. So, I guess I'll take them on and learn a few lessons along the way. It will be a challenge for me, and I am sure rewarding at the same time.

I continue to make my fabric covered clothesline baskets. Most recently, I purchased a big box of fat piping and began wrapping that to make baskets. The results are pretty cool and I think they look different than the skinny clothesline variety. They are harder to sew because they are so thick but I have found a way that works and I just need to take my time to make them of the quality that someone would be willing to purchase.

These FAT piping baskets make a much larger basket. I hope my customers will love them as much as I do. I am still making and finishing regular clothes baskets as well in all shapes and sizes and colors.

Feedback welcome!

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