Friday, December 6, 2013

Foundation Piecing - Quilts for Sale

I have an upcoming 'craft' show this weekend where I will hopefully sell most of my baskets and some quilted items that I have recently completed. Since being laid off from my job of almost 12 years in September, I began making baskets and finishing quilts. I've made so many of them in the last few months that I need to sell them and make room in my studio and spare bedroom.

The baskets vary in color, shape, size and style. I have something that everyone will like and enjoy.

I also decided to make more small quilted wallhangings in hopes to sell those as well. I really enjoy the accuracy and speed of foundation paper pieced quilts. I found some cute shoe patterns and used scraps from my stash to complete 4 different quilts. Here are three of them.

There is one more, 5 boots stacked upon one another, but the binding isn't finished so I won't post it. That one even has my own UGG boot pattern that I designed in it.

In addition, I wanted to create a few other quilts that were priced lower, and created 4 tree quilts. When I finished them, I decided they needed to have some embellishment on them, so I used hot fix crystals to add a touch of bling to them to make them sparkle.

All of these were made with fabric I already owned and quilted together on my long arm using batting scraps from other projects. I learned an important lesson, sew the batting scraps together if quilting multiple quilts so the edges of the individual items do not scrunch up as you quilt them. The backing for the shoe quilts was one piece of fabric as was the backing for the trees. I even had enough left over from the 8 quilts to make little sleeves for hanging on each one that match the backing fabric.

The binding on all but one of these was made using the magic piping binding I have discussed in a past post. The last one used a piece of leftover bias binding and needs to still have the stitching down to the back done. I have until 6 p.m. tomorrow to finish it. It will get done.

Okay, did anyone notice the weird word on one of the quilts that appears out of no where? I laughed really hard when I saw where it ended up and how it looks to read. Humor, its everywhere.... :-)

Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

I don't see a weird word. I need to buy a clue. ~ Martha