Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quilt Class Samples

After I finished 3 samples for an upcoming Applique class I will be teaching, I started working on samples for a strip piecing class that I will be teaching in November.

I have always loved piecing better than applique, and strip piecing is so easy to do. I was asked to create 4 blocks that can be made from a jelly roll. I have a rather large collection of jelly rolls and bali pops in my possession for a long time. They sit on the shelf waiting for me to be inspired to create something with them. I especially enjoy that I can pick one up, and start sewing with them almost immediately, with little to no cutting and very fast results.

I was surfing the web today and found hundreds of free patterns for jelly rolls. There are many books also available on how to use these these little fabric packs. After about 20 minute of surfing I had found my inspiration and have now jotted down some ideas to try and create the 4 blocks. The shop owner, Beth, gave me the fabrics to be used to create the sampler quilt.

It am mocking up the designs with my own fabrics first, to ensure the actual shop samples do not have any mistakes in them. I have to tell you, it's harder than it looks to create new designs from scratch and then make them rice to ensure your instructions are clear and without errors.

I found the coolest little seam ripper recently and it's been getting a good workout this week so far. It is called SEAM FIX. It essentially is two pieces and one end has a little ridged rubber nib on it that is a very cool feature. You rip the stitches out and then rub the rubber tip across the fabric and it removes the broken stitches quickly, easily and completely. Kudos to the designer of this little gem! Pick one up at your favorite quilt shop. The come in two sizes and run between $4.25 and $7.00 each. Well worth the price of admission in my book. Here is a picture.
I like that you can cover the sharp end when not in use or when traveling back and forth to classes. It will protect it and certainly make it last longer. When was the last time you replaced your seam ripper? Most quilt shops stock these and I highly recommend you try one!

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