Sunday, January 11, 2015

Do you consider Quilting A Winter Sport?

Now that winter has really settled in here in New Jersey where I live, I find myself wondering if Quilting can be considered A Winter Sport? Do you find yourself quilting more because it's wintertime?

I have noticed on many of the social media websites, including FB, Pinterest and others that there seem to be more pictures of finished quilts in the last few weeks and have to wonder if it's because of the cold weather. I know personally, I seem to make more quilts in the winter and hottest months of the summer when I am less likely to spend time outdoors in my garden and traveling. Maybe it's because we just got past the biggest holiday season of the year and perhaps many quilt makers were on holiday and found time to sew. Maybe it's because we received gift cards to quilt shops and fabric stores and we have enjoyed spending them to create new quilts or finish old ones that were waiting for the right moment to complete.

It's also possible that some of us made Resolutions to finish works in progress before starting new ones. I don't necessarily believe that is the case because most of the quilts I am seeing posted online are made from new fabrics and patterns.

It could be that quilt show season is right around the corner and some of you are wanting to finish your quilts in time to submit them to be juried into upcoming shows in 2015. If that is the case, then I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations both online and in person at shows throughout the country.

A couple of days ago, I blogged about The sport of Gymnastics. Hopefully all of you are making time to flex your quilting muscles and skills and practice your sewing routines. I enjoy reading other blogs, posts and seems NG pictures and comments about quilts online. I especially love seeing them at guild meetings and quilt shows.

I would love to hear from you on how your quilting productivity may be affected or influenced by the seasons. I can tell you I am seeing more flannel backed quilts this time of year.

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