Thursday, March 30, 2017


It's late March 2017 and the weather this week has been pretty cold. Today was a gift. I had no where I needed to be so my digs and I were able to sleep in a bit and cuddle later than usual. After a beautiful, long morning walk with them in their sweaters, I set out to run errands. The weather was incredible, sunny, warm and very spring like.

My first stop was my LQS. I picked up a 16 FQ to be used as the fabrics for these four sided placemats. I also procured a new sent of snips to use while long arming. I had noticed that one of my two pairs had become dull and didn't clip threads as easily as they used to when I first got them.

Then I ran across the street to the local Tuesday Morning store just to stop in and see what they had in the way of coffee and luggage that might be able to serve as a new rolling bag for my lighter weight Bernina 230 sewing machine. I had measure the machine so when I spotted this rolling bag for crafts. I measured it and it seemed like it might work. The store had tons of FQ bundles that I also picked up to use in my Dresden quilt series, chevron and zig zag and dots. I had the clerk out all the FQs into the rolling back and went along my merry way. Next stop, grocery store for just a few basics.

I went home, unpacked my find and unhappily discovered the rolling bag wasn't big enough for the machine. I unwrapped and inventoried my FQ purchases and sorted them by color and pattern to be put away. Tossed the country pork ribs into my trusty crockpot with some herbs and spices and a bottle of BBQ sauce. Dinner was cooking itself. After another long and slow dog walk with no coats or sweaters, I too, off to return the rolling bag to a different Tuesday morning store. I was given a credit and decided to just go and take a look to see what this different store might have of interest. More FQ bundles called my name. Under the shelving I happened across a Robert Kauffman 25 fat quarter bundle.. It was Texture Spectrum, a rainbow assortment of colors and it was under 40 dollars. I snapped it up with gusto and two pairs of socks and go the heck out of there. I was pshyched!

For those f you that don't know what a fat quarter (FQ) is, its a piece of fabric 18" X 22" or so in size. Shops cut half yard pieces and then slice them across the width to make a more useful piece of fabric. A quarter yard would measure 9" X 44". Typically quilt shop quality Fat Quarters cost anywhere between 2.50 - 5.00 each. This discounted bundle made them a bargain @1.60 each! The list price for a 25 piece bundle is usually $85. I know into exactly how I am going to use them.

It really did turn out to be a FAT "quarter" day. So much for not buying any new fabric in 2017!

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