Friday, March 15, 2013

Baskets and Quilts

This past weekend started to look a lot like springtime.  The snow we got on Friday melted quickly on Saturday and the sun shined most of the day.  The temperatures were warmer than they've been and the dogs loved being able to go outside as they pleased because I  was able to leave the doggie door open for them. 

Last week, I had ordered a few yards of solid green fabrics, all different colors with the intent of diving into the Modern Quilt making.  Saturday morning and early afternoon was spent making 3 large baskets from a new type of rope that I had not used before.  Its a soft nylon or poly rope that is brightly colored and has two other colors woven into it at regular intervals.  Its a much heavier rope than I use to make my clothesline baskets covered with fabric, but I thought, wouldn't it be fun to try and use this to make baskets quickly that are waterproof and washable?  Yes, it turns out to be pretty easy to shape into baskets and I love the results.  I will post pictures to this post as soon as I take them so you can see what I created.  I also spent several hours piecing together 48 count of 2.5" wide strips for an upcoming jelly roll race in April.  It took longer than I remember, but its done and I'm ready to win the race.

Mid afternoon, Mike brought in a package that had arrived at the front door.  My new fabric was in the house!  He rolled his eyes and said, "What are you planning on doing with that?  Just what you need, more fabric!"  I told him not to worry, I was going to use it pretty quickly and he would see the results.  I doubt he believed me at that point.

Needless to say, I figured out what I wanted to do with the new pieces, and I cut them up for piecing on Saturday night.  The quilt top was about 25% done before I went to bed at midnight.  I was really excited about finishing this new modern quilt design.  On Sunday morning, coffee in hand and freshly showed and dressed, I sat down and finished the generous queen sized quilt.  It was done by lunch time.  All these beautiful shades of green, from the lightest, dewy palest green to kelly, jade and ivy darks were pieced carefully into a really huge top.  I showed Mike what I made and his comment was "Oh, its an Irish Quilt!"  I have to confess, it does look rather Emerald Islandy.  I measured it and trimmed it up to be closer to a queen size quilt.  I have to add a little width to it yet to make it larger so the people who will end up with will be able to use it to sleep under in their new place.  Ssssshhhh, they don't know about it so don't tell.  I've already decided how I am going to quilt it.  Once its done, I will post a pictures for you here.

Well, its mid March already and St. Patrick's day is around the corner.   I am looking forward to it this year because it falls on a weekend. 

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