Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Create What You Love

I am wondering how many of you create what you love instead of creating what is popular at the moment? I recently joined this Quilting Board website, and I see many quilts that are clearly the creation of the quilter, instead of what the market currently has to offer.  Its refreshing to see so many sewers out there creating quilts that reflect their own style and fabric choices, instead of quilts that are found in magazine and website advertisements.  In particular was a very beautiful hankie quilt. 
The maker had used her mothers vintage handkerchiefs that her sister had given to her with stunning results.

How many of you are using 'found' objects to create your quilts?  Do you make Art Quilts?  How many of you are trying to use up your stash to create quilts, instead of buying new fabrics to create them?  Do you mix and match your existing fabrics with new to finish those quilts you are working on recently?  Do you make quilts just for yourself, or only for others? 

How many of you make quilts specifically for others?  For example, if your granddaughter wanted a unicorn quilt, would you search for unicorn fabric and patterns to use , or would you get truly creative and find a unicorn image somewhere and go from there?  I'm happy that most of the kids in my family are grown, so they get adult quilts now instead of ones with children themes.  I am not a fan of making novelty or children's quilts with a specific theme anymore.  Its not to say that I don't appreciate them, its just a matter of wish to pursue my sewing efforts in things that I want to make at this point in my life.  I have made plenty of them over the last 30 years.  In fact, baby quilts are how I got into quilting more than 35 years ago.

When you go to a quilt show, do you look at each and every quilt hanging in the show and study it closely to try and figure out how the quilter constructed it, what inspired them to create it?  Or do you sometimes find yourself only gravitating towards certain types of quilts to look closer upon and maybe photograph so you can remember the quilt later?   I like to read about the quilt either on the card that hangs on the quilt or in the program if available to try and understand the story behind each work of art.

I remember the first time I took my hubby to a quilt show, we found what I now know to be a 'modern quilt' hanging up.  It was not an attractive quilt, it looked more like a moving blanket and something that had not been made with much skill involved.  He asked me to take a picture of him standing next to it so that he could show it to his construction buddies at work and claim it as his own work because they had teased him about attending a quilt show.  This particular quilt didn't hang straight and I noted this to him.  Now whenever I make a quilt and show it to him, he comments on whether or not it hangs straight and if the corners edges are perfectly square!  :-)

At that same show, we there was a display of antique quilts in a special exhibit.  As we walked through with the hubbies, they showed particular interest in one quilt that Mike proclaimed looked like a toilet bowl rug.  It was kinda U-shaped and upon closer examination, sure enough it looked like one of those little rugs you would put at the base of the ceramic throne.  To this day, I often wonder what may have inspired the quilt maker all those years ago to make such an oddly shaped quilt.  Perhaps its was used as an article of clothing or on furniture and certainly not as we had envisioned it!

I'd love to hear from you what types of quilts you enjoy making most of all and why.  Comments and feedback encouraged.

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