Friday, April 26, 2013

Do you belong to a quilt guild?

I am a believer that Quilting guilds can be a very positive experience.  I believe that Quilt guilds can inspire and reward those that belong.  I love that I can go to a quilt guild meeting and see wonderful things created by other quilters that may or may not be finished.  I love to listen to the creator talk about the piece, why they made it, what inspired them, what they need help with, when it was finished and who is going to end up with their creation.  The only part I don't like is when someone openly criticizes their own work in front of others.  I wonder why do we do this? 

As a teacher, I have to admit that its easier to try and find something wonderful about each and every student's work and much more rewarding and inspiring to share those positive thoughts with them.  While sometimes I do not 'love' something, each and every piece of art has some merit and if one looks upon it with good intent, you can find the best in even the simpliest or less than perfect handmade item.  I would rather inspire someone by pointing out the good, than to criticize the obvious flaws.  I can only hope that we all try and do this to each other when we share quilts and works in progress.  The world would certainly be a nicer place if we did, right?

I enjoy it when someone approaches me and asks my advice on how to quilt or finish their quilt.  Its easier when you know the person well and have a good idea of their skills set and comfort zone.  But I am always willing to try and offer a variety of suggestions to the curious, after all, I received plenty of help from more experienced quilters in my early sewing career and I was always grateful for that experience and their wonderful ideas.  It really rocks my boat when I see they have actually executed a suggestion of mine and the idea works out well and enhances their finished item. 

Just this week, I received two emails with photos from friends that tried a new binding technique I had shared with them.  They were tickled pink with the finished quilt and I have to say I was proud of them for remembering to share their finished quilt with me so that I could see they had found the binding tips useful and workable for them.  Sharing the joy, the ideas and pictures of the finished items is a nice way to say Thank you to the source of your inspiration.  I think this is probably why I teach.  I get alot out of it from each and every student.  Being a inspiration to others is a really good feeling.

This is a partial picture of my latest super king size quilt top which I showed at the Modern Guild last night.  I call it My Zipper Quilt.

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