Monday, April 29, 2013

Laundry Mishaps, the Tissue Issue and Clothing Hitchhikers

I am sure that most of you have experienced and can relate to what I am about to describe in this post. Pulling your wet laundry out of the washer only to find that someone (me) left a tissue in a pocket and it is now in a million tiny pieces all over your freshly washed clothes! 

Having suffered with allergies most recently, it was bound to happen in my rush to get the laundry done, I had not carefully checked all the pockets to avoid it.  It amazes me how much of a mess one little tissue can make and how difficult it is to get the particles off your wet and or dry clothing articles.  I keep finding these little white 'tufts' everywhere. 

I thought that when I dried them in the dryer, the majority of them would be caught in the lint trap.
Well, yes, some did, but still a good number of them were not caught and were still clinging to the clothes.  I shook a lot of them off where they ended up on the rug and could be easily vacuumed up later.  However, a lot of my clothes, I hang up to dry, to prevent shrinkage and misshaping that happens with certain fabrics in the dryer.  I clip them to hangers and then place the hangers from the rafters in the basement near the furnace so they will dry naturally.  Its economical, it saves energy, my clothes last longer, and likely don't require ironing as much.  However, the Kleenex tidbits ended up sticking to these clothes and was not easy to remove. I tossed them in the dryer with no heat for a few minutes to try and rid my self of these nasty self inflicted lint bugs.

Another laundry disaster is one that my BFF reminded me of just this morning with a story she shared via email.  How many of you have been at work, only to discover that your dryer sheet or other article of a delicate nature  is secretly hiding inside your pants leg?  You feel something moving around in there as you are walking or sitting in a meeting with the new vice president, only to realize that the dryer sheet, errant sock or 'seat cover' has hitched a ride and now decides to show themselves.  While a dryer sheet isn't so embarrassing, other smaller pieces of hitchhiked clothing can prove to reveal themselves at the utmost inappropriate times.    Let's just hope if its of the pantie variety that it happens to be a new, nice pair and not your old holey ones that your mother always told you not to wear in case you got into an accident! 

Happy Rainy Monday!

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