Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow again! 52 week Challenge - February

It has snowed here in Northern NJ so many times I've lost count. This has helped me finish some projects because I am not one to go out and drive in inclement weather. It's been so cold here that the snow from the first storm never really melted completely. The snow from the second storm iced over and created this beautiful shiny glaze on everything. With the almost full moon this week, the night time was magical, glistening and brighter than normal. It also makes it more difficult to walk my dear little dog because her legs are pretty short had she doesn't like it when the snow freezes up her tiny feet. The bigger dog doesn't mind the snow at all, but he gets chilled easily and has to wear a warm coat to go out for walks. He does love his sweaters and is happy to let me dress him anytime. However, I did find a remedy to cold doggie feet, its called Musher's Secret and it works. Essentially its a food grade wax that you apply to their paws, pads and toes. It prevents the ice and snow from sticking to them. It took a few tries to get the pups used to me handling and massaging it into their feet, but now they like it and may I tell you that their pads have never been softer?

When it snows it's unlikely that Mike will stop in to see me as much during the day. He stays busy helping out the neighbors and elderly with clearing their walks and driveways. On sunny post storm days like today, he runs around spreading salt and calcium down to melt any overnight freezing to prevent slips and falls for many. Living by an elementary school means I get a lot of foot traffic and I am so grateful that he prioritizes snow and ice control for my humble abode first.

I've been busy the last couple of weeks, finishing up more challenge quilts in between customer quilts. I decided that even though these two tops are 'out of season', there was no reason, not to finish them now when I had the chance in between quilting jobs.

The first quilt is my skull quilt. Its done in Hawaiian Applique method, and the pattern is called Hawaiian Halloween. I used freezer paper applique done on the machine with the mock hand applique method. I teach this machine class a couple of times a year and I enjoy the idea of being able to do applique faster by machine than by hand with very similar results. The binding and label are still to be finished.

I then tackled a couple of customer quilts that were in the queue and managed to snap a quick photo of each to share with you. These quilts were crafted by the fine hands of Sally Ragone and were made for her granddaughters to enjoy. Her piecing is impeccable and her quilts are a joy to quilt upon.

I really had so much fun with the Witches' Hat quilt, I decided I needed to finish another Hawaiian Halloween Applique top next. I was waiting for an answer from the next customer in the queue and this is the result. I love the little dancing ghosts. This one still needs be bound and labeled.

I am still waiting for an answer on another quilt from the owner, and will be moving on to the third of the Hawaiian Applique quilts...

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