Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tail gating vs. Tail Wagging

We used to have NY Giants season tickets. I used to look forward to Sumday games, packing goodies in a cooler along with beverages, blankets if it was cold, and our collapsible chairs to do some tailgating pre-game. It was fun to watch how everyone gets set up and parties heartily before the games. We met some very interesting people at these games. Eventually, 45 minutes before the game we would secure the vehicle, walk the walk, and wander through the gates after surrendering our tickets to be scanned. I loved walking to our end zone seats in row 25. We'd greet our usual seat mates and eTch the goings on of warm ups, preparations and people watch. I loved the early autumn games, while it was still warm and sunny weather. I wasn't so crazy about the really cold, windy, wintery weather games. When everyone is bundled up like sleeping bags and the seating is really tight.

I really enjoyed the thunder of the crowds, singing the National Anthem and every kick off in the game. My most favorite part was hearing them play "Hells Bells" for a kick off. It really got me excited. Everytime I hear that song now I got back to Giants Stadium. You get a lot of exercise at an NFL game. You stand up and cheer many times each quarter, you have to if you want to see the play. Yes you can watch the plays on the jumbotron, but from where we sat, it was easier to watch the field and just seemed more natural.

Now that we are almost a decade older, we enjoy tail wagging it instead of tailgating. We stay home and watch them game from the comfort of our comfy leather sofa with our canines by our sides. I cook a variety of fun foods to enjoy and we never miss a play. Today we enjoyed hummus dip and chips along with home made pulled pork sandwiches and crunchy coleslaw salad on the side. The pork cooked in the crock pot all afternoon and it was delicious.

So while I miss being among the crazy cheering crowd and being outside on the nicer weather Sundays, I enjoy watching the games with my honey and one of my two dogs cuddled up next to me instead of some beer guzzling kid cussing up a storm and shaking his leg from nervous energy. I know the dogs like it also because they get our attention, playtime and yard runs better than if we were in East Rutherford. The way the Giants are losing so far this season, there is also the added bonus of being able to watch another game if their contest is too one sided.

Have you seen the latest AllState Mayhem commercial? The one with the SUV that blows up because the tail gaiter was in too much of a hire to properly put out the grill Hilarious!

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