Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Crop Circles, #8 in the 52 Week Challenge

Awhile back not too long ago, I decided I wanted to try and make an 'almost wholecloth quilt' that would allow me to showcase my longarming skills. I took a light colored printed fabric and added some raw edge button-hole applique circles to sections of the background fabric.

Then I pieced them together into a quilt top to finished later with quilting and binding. You may remember my original blog on this piece if you follow me.

Well, I finally got around to quilting this quilt.

I spent two days, just quilting, no specific patterns decided ahead of time. I basically let the quilt quilt itself. It contains free form feathers, flowers, circles, lines, coffee beans, swirls, grids, cross hatching, a chess board, pebbles, McTavishing, broken glass, flames and many other design elements. Each of the applique circles are also quilted in a variety of patterns.

When it came to binding, I had a piece of leftover binding from a quilt I had made for Lane years ago. It was a bali print with dogs and rainbow colors which amazingly matched the appliqued circles. It was plenty long enough to bind the quilt, so I used it and am pleased with the result. Even the back of the quilt is amazing to look at. I still can't believe I did this all free motion. Truly an original design which I have decided to call "Crop Circles".

I decided it was worthy of showing publically, so I will be putting this one into the upcoming Warwick Show in May. This quilt is also #8 in my 52 Weeks Quilt Challenge.

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