Tuesday, April 1, 2014

52 week Quilt challenge update - #7

I didn't want to publish a photo or story behind this quilt until after it had been given to the person for whom it was made. I was asked by Beth Rowan at rock, paper, scissors in Montclair NJ
if I would be willing to quilt a quilt top that she had created for one of our guild members who has been ill. Of course I agreed. Beth's request was simple, she needed it turned around quickly and to just do "big some swirly things on it."

I took it home and quilted it within 3 days. It was easy. I used a turquoise blue thread and found a pattern that was fast and interested called Modern Swirl. It looks like an 'evil eye' pattern to me. The person receiving the quilt had recently lost her eyesight due to her illness and I have found that in Europe, the evil eye is given as a gift to protect the one that wears or carries it around. I have several of these evil eye pendants and charms in my possessions from when I spent time in the Mediterranean area.

The quilt was carefully bound by Stephanie Mullen and presented to the sister of the intended recipient at our March guild meeting. I hope Peggy likes it. I decided that it could count as one of my 52 weeks of quilts challenge. So it is #7. It was lovely to work on this and know that her eyesight has returned...

In addition, I had quilted a very large queen size quilt for Peggy Kelleher and her sister showed it a the guild meeting. Below is a photo of part of the finished quilt which I actually finished in late February, hence why it is assigned #7.

Photography credit goes to Ashley Hinton of the NJMQG who snapped photos of both of these before they got away from me.

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