Saturday, April 5, 2014

Modern Quilt For Austin

I was finally able to give my beautiful niece Austin her modern quilt that I had made for her. it was completely done in solid fabrics all shades and intensities of greens. It was strip pieced with a variety of long stripes from the different colors.

I decided that I wanted to break up the field of strips with something unexpected. So, I created several free form sets of small wonky blocks that could be considered improvisational piecing. I had learned this technique awhile back from a Ricky Tims class. I seem to recall he rendered to it as "dancing squares". I split the striped portions of the quilt both vertically and horizontally, inserted the wonky square sections, and sewed everything back together.

It's an oversized queen quilt. I quilted it with a very new, modern pattern that I really loved working with. Even though the pattern is a pantograph,the stitching contains many surprise elements and was fun to do on such a large quilt. I finished the quilt with my favorite magic binding technique which really framed the quilt edges up nicely and should last for years.

Now I am just waiting to hear if Austin or Jim had any special dreams sleeping under it for the first time...

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