Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I HATE JUNK MAIL!!!! The Big Shred...

Today was defined as a house cleaning day for me. I started my morning early to get a head start on the big task which was long overdue. With spring's arrival, the dogs go into their winter coat shed mode and the dust bunnies magically appear ready for Easter. A quick vaccuum wouldn't do the trick, it needed to be a get down on your hands and knees and really spring clean deal.

So after my first cup of morning joe, I sat down with piles of mail that needed sorting. Mike often brings the mail in for me and dumps it on the coffee table. I have to sort through it when I get time and lately, I've been so busy I hadn't made time except to glance at it and pull out the important items like birthday cards, bills, and health care coverage cards. The rest goes into 3 piles, magazines and flyers to peruse at a later time, obvious junk mail that needs to be shredded and or tossed and items that should be reviewed before being tossed. I know better than to just toss the junk mail, credit card applications, etc. I need to open those up, block out my identity and any other information that could be used by ID thieves, and then shred or toss.

I've come to the conclusion after spending almost 2 hours shorting through this stuff and filling two TJ paper bags full of recyclable paper materials, that I need to move my trusty shredder right upstairs by the front door and start to shred when the stuff first arrives. Why I hadn't thought of this before is beyond me, but its obvious that most of it can just be shredded and recycled rather than putting it off to review and then do to same in one fell swoop at a later date. My coffee table will thank me and I won't have this daunting task to deal with any more.

Back to cleaning for now.

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