Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sandwich faces

Yesterday evening I was surfing the web and Pinterest and I came across some photos of creative sandwiches that had been cut up and decorated like funny faces. I thought, I can do that. I jokingly posted the link on my FB page. It got a few fun comments and I was encouraged to make one for Mike for lunch today.

However, I forgot to buy a fresh loaf of sliced bread yesterday when I shopped. Must have had a senior moment forgetting such a staple item, but hey, I am 55+ and I did get my 5% senior citizen discount for shopping at Pathmark on a Monday. It's the first time I actually used my age to get a discount!

But I digress. So I went to make us both sandwiches and all I had for bread was what Mike calls hockey pucks. They are whole grain round thin sandwich flats, which we usually eat with our chicken burgers. I thought, well, I can use them, but I won't be able to make a very big funny face sandwich like the examples I found online. These sandwich rounds do not present alot of real estate to work with to make facial expressions. However, they are healthier than bread and I prefer them to sandwich bread.

I used light mayo, salami and thinly sliced cheddar jack cheese to fill the sandwiches. Then I cut thru the sandwich off center to form the mouth. I used a half slice of salami to make the tongue and inserted into the cut. I added a cut grape for the eyes and sliced a baby carrot lengthwise for the eyebrows.

Mike got a big kick out of the little face and I will probably make more of these when we eat sandwiches again or the grand kids come to visit.

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