Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 2014 Baskets

I just wanted to share with you pictures of my latest baskets that I have created.

The first one is a elongated yellow bread basket. First of its kind. I like it enough that I will probably make more of this shape.

This next basket is unwrapped clothesline sewn with a variegated thread and embellished with a shell leaf on the front. I had started this in a class as a demonstration and never finished it.
Now its done.

This next basket was another attempt at an elongated bread basket, done in rainbow colors. It ended up turning out differently than I hoped. When I showed it to Mike, he said that
it looked like a boat. Hence the name, THE REMOTE BOAT. Works great at keeping our remotes from getting lost. I especially like the little LOVEBIRD embellishment on the front that has the same colors as the fabric on the basket wrapping.

This next basket was made with primarily girly pink fabrics. I wanted to make something that would appeal to the younger dancers that attend my niece's Dance School, Lumina Dance Arts in West Caldwell, NJ. I plan on gifting it her so she can auction it off during the nutcracker. The embellishment has a Dance Fairy on one side and a pretty ballerina on another. Wouldn't it make a great place to keep little girly things?

The next basket I call the Big Blue Pencil basket. I used a wide variety of blue fabrics, different textures and then added handles and a cute pencil embellishment on the front. The picture of the inside of the basket really shows how pretty the blue colors look together.

I really still enjoy making these baskets and teaching the classes locally to others on how to make them as well.

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