Monday, September 9, 2013

My Plan B

Those of you that know me have probably heard me talk about My Plan "B". Plan B refers to my own business, a quilting, teaching, crafting, writing and creative business. I have been working on developing and moving towards my plan B for more than 12 years now. Here is how it began. I found myself unemployed after 9/11/2001, almost 12 years ago to the day. I decided I was done with the corporate life and purchased a long arm quilting machine to start my own business. I was single, financially comfortable and well, looking to be self employed. That lasted about 2 months because my former boss came after me to join a new company and work for them. At first I said no to the request because I wanted to live my dream. Then my practical side kicked in and I realized I could work a 3 month gig full time, pay for the machine without touching my retirement savings and get on with it. Long story short, the 3 month gig turned in to an almost 12 year job at an internet portal for ocean shipping. I enjoyed working there because of the people, but in the background in my spare time, I still longed to have a more creative job and not work for someone else. Two weeks ago, I was downsized from my job that 'was eliminated for cost savings'. And I welcome this change. I have been getting tons of things done that I put off to make Plan B a reality. I purchased websites to be used to create an online presence, I've been cleaning and organizing my workspaces in the house, and looking at changing my expenses to more economical means. In addition, I have been networking in the creative arts with like persons who are successful with their own businesses and brands. Its been a very fun adventure so far. My long arm is having a spa visit, to be serviced and upgraded so that I can put it back into quilting for myself and others. I have been working on writing a couple of books and gathering ideas on whether to publish e-books, online, hardcopy or all of the above. So many choices. The world is my apple and I look forward to springing forward into the autumn season with a sense of renewal, creativity and flexibility unlike anything I have felt in the last 12 years. Life just keeps getting better and better.

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Diane! So excited for you.