Friday, September 27, 2013

TV Quilting Shows

Today I decided to try and figure out when the 'quilting' shows air on my cable tv. Having been a working gal most of my adult life, I never really made the time to check out quilting shows on TV.
So, I looked at the channel guide and figured out that the primary channels that might air these type of craft shows would be HGTV, DIY network and Create channels. I know that some of the PBS stations might also have a few possibilities.

I was really disappointed to find out that the majority of these networks do not have an abundance of shows regarding quilting that air on a regular basis. Am I missing something here? I know that several big names in the industry have online shows and channels where you can catch shows, but I think they must be something you have to pay for in order to watch them.

Does anyone that live in the NJ area and has Cablevision, know if there are shows that air on PBS or other channels? Have we become a society where reality TV rules and no one wants to do quilting on TV anymore?

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