Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Selvage Quilts

After having been home for more than two weeks and making fabric covered clothesline baskets like crazy, I decided it was time to sew a quilt instead yesterday. I set out to make a selvage quilt because I have been saving up selvages for a long time and the pile is quite large. It not really a pile, its more a pile of large gallon size zipper plastic bags filled with the selvages cut off fabric ends. The selvages are quite interesting in themselves, they come in all colors, sizes, widths and prints. They have printed words on them, some of them are quite funny to read. Often they have color dots to show the colors used to print the textiles themselves. Example below:

I took numerous selvage edges and sewed them down to a muslin strip. It went pretty fast, because I did 4 strips at a time in a chain piecing fashion. Once I had the strips done, then I trimmed them up to the same side, with nice even edges. Next I needed to decide what to put in between them to set them off. I used dove grey shot cotton jelly roll strips from MODA. I really liked the way it turned out. I decided it needed to have borders, so I created 4 more strips on muslin to use outside the grey inner borders and sashing. I had to make these outer strips longer than the original strips due to the inner borders, but eventually I got them to the right size and here is the resulting quilt top.

Now I just need to quilt it, but I am waiting for my Gammill to get back from the spa. I may end up quilting it on my home machine in the interim...

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