Monday, September 9, 2013

Stress - Does it affect your quilting? or not?

I am just pondering how many of you feel or believe that stress in your life (job, family, health, financial, etc.) affects your ability to quilt or not? For me, I have found that the more stress I am under lends itself for me to quilt more! I guess quilting is my escape from the things that cause the stress and the actual physical movements and concentration on the art of quilting allows me to put those situations out of my mind and body while I am quilting. Many of us think of quilting as our therapy. Taking needle and thread to cloth, albeit an electronic needle, seems to melt away the strife in my life. The time passes very quickly and I find that when I am quilting, I eat less. I know that I am also a stress eater, and quilting allows me to stop that unwanted behavior. I often find that some of the most beautiful quilts I have created were done during some of the toughest spots in my life. I really began serious quilting many years ago when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time I was working two jobs, going to college full time and helping to take care of her while she battled and recovered. I am lucky to be able to say that she is still with us over 30+ years later and I am still quilting. Perhaps that is one reason I quilt, it started then and I realized how much I enjoyed it, all of it. Back then I was not a good quilter. I learned via the lap quilting method by Georgia Bonesteel. I checked a book out of the library and found a way to take the quilting with me. I worked on it everywhere I went because it was portable. I was really proud of that first big quilt, slept under it for years in fact. It has seen its better days by now, but as a sampler that was hand quilted, I learned alot and haven't looked back.

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